How to Rent Orlando Villas Direct from the Owners

When you first start looking at renting a villa in Orlando for your next holiday it can seem a little overwhelming as we have over 570 Florida villas to choose from but if you write down the main things you are looking for you can narrow your search very quickly and get to the homes that suit your needs.

Below is a list of things to help you rent Orlando villas directly from the owners.

1. Try to have specific dates in mind and check that the flights are available and within budget as there is no point emailing loads of owners about dates only to find the flight prices are too high for your chosen dates.

As there are now fewer airlines flying from the UK to Florida the prices have unfortunately gone up but you can still get reasonable flights if you try to avoid the busy school holiday, which I know can be difficult for most or wait until British Airways or Virgin Atlantic have a flight sale which they do 2-3 times a year.

If you sign up to there Facebook and newsletter pages you will get notified when this is happening and it could save you a small fortune. Over the years I have always booked direct with the airlines as I haven’t found other companies can really do much better in price and if you need to change your flight this is much easier directly with the airline rather than via a travel agent.

2. Find out how many people are going and try to work out the sleeping arrangements as that will give you an idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need. Ask everybody if they mind sharing a bathroom with other members of the group as this will make the time in the Orlando villa much less stressful if people aren’t waiting to use the bathroom!  If you require 3 double bedrooms, you will need to be looking at the 5 bedroom villas and above.

3. Be realistic with your budget when looking at the Orlando villas on our sites, we have homes from £300 – £3,000 per week but don’t expect to get the £3,000 per week home for much less than the asking price unless it’s very last minute or the owner had a cancellation.

Most owners will negotiate a little or maybe throw in a free welcome pack, BBQ hire or pool heating but they are not going to give there home away for nothing so be polite when asking for a discount. Unlike in the UK the running costs of the Orlando villas is very high as most have either the Air Conditioning or Pool Heater running all the time so electric bills can easily reach $500 per month for a 4 bedroom home.

4. When you are searching for Florida villas via our site you only have to fill in the contact forms once and your details will be copied across from page to page saving a lot of time but also allowing you to quickly contact lots of owners.  Just ensure that you have entered your email address and contact details correctly on your first enquiry!

5. When renting an Orlando villa consider what’s important to you and what you will be doing once at the home. If you are going to be visiting all the Orlando theme parks and don’t plan to spend much time laying by the pool then you may be able to get a better deal by booking a home that doesn’t have a secluded private pool area and lots of upgrades in the home like TV’s in all the bedrooms, games room etc.

If you plan to spend time relaxing by the pool then consider the amount of pool furniture, does the home have enough for your entire group to sit or lay down? Is the pool area overlooked by other homes and if so do you have a problem with this?

We have a large selection of Orlando villas to rent all with different pool outlooks from golf courses, lakes, woodland, private fenced in gardens and other Florida villas so think carefully when booking.

6. If you have questions about a home or area it’s located in it’s often easier to give the owners a call and speak to them directly as you will find out a lot more about the home in that 5 minute call than you ever will via email (but please mention you found there home on the vr360).

7. All the homes we have in the Orlando area are within 20 minutes of the theme parks so nothing is far away but you do need a car. There are a few shuttles from certain resorts to the theme parks and shopping malls but I would not recommend using these as you have much more flexibility and freedom having your own car and driving in Orlando is very easy.

8. Why are some communities more money than others? Most of the communities that are located within 3-4 miles of Disney’s main gate such as Windsor Hills, Formosa Gardens, Emerald Island Resort etc are more expensive than homes located on HWY27, CR54 or further down HWY192 this is due to fact that most of the owners paid a premium to be in this location, and therefore need to charge a little more.

9. Do I need pool heating? This is a tricky thing to judge as it depends if you like the pool to feel hot or not but I have found that for the summer months June to the end of September you don’t really need it as the air temperature is so hot that it’s nice to have a cooler water to cool off in. Most pools for the summer months will be around 80-85 degrees without heating just due to the outside temperatures of 90-100F. Once the air temp drops to the low 80’s during the day and 60’s (October – May) at night I would recommend having pool heating and also using the pool blanket if supplied to keep the water as warm as possible. That way when you want to swim first thing in the morning it will still be over 80F even when the air temp maybe around 70F.

If you decide not to have pool heating but once you get to the Orlando villa think it’s too cold you can always contact the owner and they will get the local management company to come and switch it on. Most pools will be up to temperature within 24hrs as long as the air temp is not below 55F. In my experience most owners set the pool heat to around 85-87F which is a nice temperature but if you require it hotter than this they may charge more as the heater will be required to run longer and extra chemicals will be to be needed as the higher temp burns through them quicker.

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