Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Studios Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights is back at Universal Studios in Orlando for it’s 24th year

Halloween Horror Nights is back at Universal Studios in Orlando for it’s 24th year, the event started back in 1991 and was originally called Fright Nights and ran for only 3 nights. For the second year the name was changed to Halloween Horror Nights and it now runs for 28 nights throughout September, October and November (1st).

Halloween Horror Nights 24 takes place at Universal studios Orlando (Sept 19th – Nov 1st) and whilst the event takes place at night you still have access to most of the normal rides you would get to ride during the day but with a Halloween feel. The rides that will be open are as follows:

  • Transformers – The Ride 3D
  • Hollywood RIP Ride Rockit
  • Revenge of the Mummy
  • Men in Black – Alien Attack
  • Despicable Me – Minion Mayhem
  • The Simpsons Ride

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley won’t be open during the Halloween Horror Nights event.

Halloween Horror Nights has three different types of attractions which are haunted houses, scare zones which are based on the streets around Universal Studios and then the very popular halloween themed shows which are always full so make sure you get there early for a seat if you want to see these.

The haunted houses are normally on the back lots of Universal Studios and tend to have very large queues, you can often wait over an hour to get in to each house so there are a couple of ways to deal with this.

Frequent Fear Ticket

The first is to buy a Frequent Fear ticket which gives you access to Halloween Horror Nights 24 for up to 16 nights, that way you don’t have to worry about not getting to see every house, the cost of this ticket is $86.99 + Tax.

This is valid for September 19, 20, 25, 28 & October 2, 5, 9, 12, 15, 16, 19, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 (16 nights access but no Friday or Saturday nights expect for the first weekend 19th & 20th Sept)

Rush of Fear Ticket

This year they are also doing a Rush of Fear ticket which is only $75.99 + Tax and allows you to go every night for the first 3 weeks (10 nights) of Halloween Horror Nights. This ticket does include Friday and Saturday nights unlike the Frequent Fear ticket which only includes the first Friday and Saturday (19th & 20th September).

This is valid for September 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28 & October 2, 3, 4, 5 (10 nights access)

Just out of interest the general admission ticket which is valid for any one day is $95.99 so it makes sense to buy either the Frequent Fear or Rush of Fear ticket as these are a bit cheaper even if you only plan to go for one night but double check as these are not valid every night (not valid on any Friday or Saturday night).

Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass

The other option which is what I recommend is adding the HHN Express Pass to any ticket you buy, this allows you to bypass the regular line at any of the haunted house and  participating park rides and join an express line which is normally only a few minutes instead of an hour plus. Once you have your HHN Express Pass you can only use it one time for each haunted house or ride even if you have a 16 night ticket, this will only be valid the first time you visit each haunted house or normal Universal theme park ride. Once you have used it up it’s back to the regular lines!

There are a number of other ticket combinations available like the Frequent Fear Plus which includes all Friday nights so it really depends if you plan to go more than one night. Please remember you will have to pay parking every night you go which I think is about $15 per car.

It can be a a little confusing knowing which ticket to go for but as I said it depends how many nights you want to go and which nights. Most locals will probably buy the Frequent Fear pass which excludes Fridays and Saturday nights so if you want a slightly less crowded experience and only plan to go for one night it may be best to buy the General Admission ticket for $95.99 + Tax and go on a Saturday night as Saturday nights are excluded from most of multi night tickets. I would then recommend buying the HHN Express Pass upgrade which varies in price from $59.99 – $109.99 depending on the night you want to go.

Which ever way you go if you want to skip the lines and get around all the haunted houses in one night you are going to pay around $200 + Tax per person but I would say it is worth it as they really know what they are doing you are unlikely to have seen anything like this before. If you get there as soon as the gates open which is 6.30pm every night you will probably be able to get around a few of the houses without the Express Pass before the queues become too long. If you want to ride the regular Universal rides then it maybe best to leave these until later as the park is open until 2am.

For more information about all the ticket options available for Halloween Horror Nights 24 please visit there web site.

Halloween Horror Nights 24  – Haunted Houses

Halloween – which see the return of Michael Myers as he begin his historic night of horror. John Carpenter’s classic horror movie comes to life just as yours is coming to an end!

The Walking Dead: End of the Line – this years walking dead themed haunted house is the largest Universal Orlando has ever created, you’ll journey through the most recent season of the Walking Dead (season 4) from the prison on your way to Terminus, your goal is to dodge all the flesh-eating walkers along the way.

AVP: Alien Vs Predator – Avoid becoming collateral damage in a violent and savage battle between two horrific extraterrestrial species. Whoever wins… we lose

From Dusk till Dawn – Chaos reigns inside a remote biker bar as you discover it’s filled with an ancient race of bloodthirsty creatures in this house based on the El Rey Network Series.

Dracula Untold – Reign of Blood – Witness the terrifying journey into darkness that transformed the legendary Vlad the Impaler into the creature we know as Dracula.

Dollhouse of the Damned – Those who enter will find that surviving the malicious dolls who wait inside will be anything but child’s play.

Giggles & Gore Inc – Evil clowns are not born…they’re made. The joke’s on you as you explore an abandoned factory where these deadly creatures are assembled.

Roanoke – Cannibal Colony – Take a trip back in time and explore the remains of this settlement where you’ll get a history lesson you’ll never forget.

Halloween Horror Nights 24 – Scare Zones

The next set of attractions are the scare zones which are based throughout the theme park on the Universal Studios streets. These scare zones normally link the haunted houses  together so you have to go through them, there is no escape!

As you walk through the scare zones members of the Universal Studios cast will try to scare you in various ways depending on the theme of the scare zone. This years scare zones are:

The Purge: Anarchy – Once you enter the Purge you’ll be lucky just to survive the night in this experience based on the hit movies.

Face Off – In the Flesh – You’ll be surrounded by the most terrifying creatures from the minds of some of Hollywood’s most talented Special effects make-up artists in this gruesome, immersive experience.

Bayou of Blood – Venture into the Louisiana bayou where practitioners of voodoo are seeking unwilling victims for the night’s ritual sacrifice. Will you make it out alive, or will your blood be spilled on the sacrificial altar?

Maskerade: Unstitched – A glamorous masquerade ball is revealed to be a macabre dance of death. When the masks come off and the stitches are ripped away you’ll find that beauty may be skin deep, but horror oozes much deeper.

Halloween Horror Nights 24 Shows

Last but not least are the Halloween themed shows which as always include the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are currently no show times on the Universal Studios web site but from previous years these show are only on 2-3 times per night and fill up quickly so if you want to see them get there early to secure a god seat. The Bill & Ted show is always amazing with lots of jokes, dancing and of course characters from some of this year biggest movies (normally about 30 minutes long).

Here is a video for the finale of the Bill and Ted Halloween show back in 2012 so you can get a feel for what the show offers.

I am not a fan of the Rocky Horror show so have actually never seen this show but again it’s alway full so get there early if you want a good seat.

As always Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Orlando is sure to be an amazing night and one you will remember as a highlight from your Orlando vacation. Let me know if you have been to HHN’s before or are planning to go this year and what you think.

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