Florida Armadillo at Ridgewood Lakes Villas in Davenport

We were just driving back to our Orlando villa on Ridgewood Lakes one afternoon earlier this year and we spotted this Florida Armadillo by the side of the road. We managed to pull over and get pretty close to him without scaring him off, if you have never seen one before they are pretty common in Florida and you tend to see them late afternoon or early morning.

Don’t really know what they eat but I am guessing it’s ants, bugs etc


Very cool animal and we really like seeing them around although I am told they can dig holes in your garden!!!

There are lots of other animals that you come across in Florida such gators on the banks of the lakes in Spring and Fall, snakes in the summer, and spiders all year round but only outside thank god as some can be pretty big. I think people forget they are basically in the middle of a swamp!

I have also seen Bobcats, racoons, deer and loads of different Florida birds. I will try to add some photos and video of what I have seen.

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