First stop after arriving at your Orlando villa, the supermarket!

What’s the first thing you want to do when you get to your Orlando villa?  If the answer is put on the kettle, then read on…

Target Store Orlando

Whilst on route to your Florida villa you are likely to pass a Publix, Walmart or Target these are all supermarkets where you could pick up some milk, tea, coffee and sugar.  You might also be surprised to hear that Walgreens chemists will also sell these items and are more likely to be open later in the evening.

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Do I really need a hire car when on holiday in Orlando, Florida?

We are asked many times….do we need a hire a car when on holiday in Orlando? The simple answer is YES, but I’m nervous about driving?  Don’t be, and here I answer why…

Hire Car Driving in Orlando

You don’t need a hire a truck like this, but it was offered and I had never driven anything like this so why not, not great on fuel but fun to drive.

With the majority of flights going into Orlando International Airport (MCO) it’s very simple to pick up your hire car and be on your way.  Many offer sat navs that will help you navigate your way around during your holiday, but these are charged by the day and it would therefore be cheaper to purchase the North American map for a Tom Tom that you own already, just remember to pack the charger!

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How to Rent Orlando Villas Direct from the Owners

When you first start looking at renting a villa in Orlando for your next holiday it can seem a little overwhelming as we have over 570 Florida villas to choose from but if you write down the main things you are looking for you can narrow your search very quickly and get to the homes that suit your needs.

Below is a list of things to help you rent Orlando villas directly from the owners.

1. Try to have specific dates in mind and check that the flights are available and within budget as there is no point emailing loads of owners about dates only to find the flight prices are too high for your chosen dates. Continue reading

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